Process Controls

GCS integrates programmable logic control (PLC) and SCADA hardware & algorithms with instruments and valves that keep industrial processes running efficiently and effectively
GCS delivers process controls expertise in close collaboration with our clients and their technical staff. Our project experiences across several markets has enabled GCS to develop a deep understanding of the five elements that constitute the modern process control system: sensors/transducers/actuators (control elements), input output devices (I/O), microprocessor-based controllers, graphical user interfaces (HMI) and a sophisticated database. Our modular approach to software design enables a client to realize proven PLC and SCADA code that effectively and efficiently achieves the Sequence of Operation (SOO) required for the project.

GCS has deep industry experience for process control projects in the municipal and industrial wastewater markets and in the municipal water treatment market. Additionally, we have significant process control projects in the advanced manufacturing envelope (facilities management control systems) for clients in the semiconductor clean rooms and solar manufacturing facilities, and have built and maintained the toxic gas monitoring systems required to run tools within these advanced manufacturing facilities. We have also delivered on significant pharmaceutical clients’ operations projects where compliance and consistency are key to our client’s success.

Whether your process is controlling on chemistry, ambient environment, bioreactors or energy, our expertise in integrating valves, flow meters, analytical instruments and process state devices with effective operator interfaces while providing full reporting and tracking of the process ensures that your plant will perform efficiently and effectively, and be in compliance with the requirements and maintain stable operations.

GCS offers integration, factory automation and programming services to clients across the U.S. Send us an email message – we would love to discuss your automation needs with you!

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