Industries Served

Who does GCS work with?
We choose to apply our technical expertise and knowledge into markets where we can deliver customer value and can make a long-term positive impact. We serve clients in three broad categories of industries: Manufacturing Operations, Engineered Products and Construction.
Manufacturing Operations
Industrial manufacturing facilities utilize controls equipment to run processes for the manufacture of products, so a regional partner that can deliver on both capital projects and support services engagements is a valuable asset. GCS has a strong history of delivering these services to our manufacturing clients. The GCS combination of building strong working relationships with industrial manufacturers and deep industry knowledge on applying our expertise to benefit the operations has led us to several successful client engagements over time in such industries as the paper, cement, semiconductor, chemical production, power generation and equipment manufacturing.
Engineered Products
Industrial products that incorporate sophisticated controls are often times highly engineered products made for a particular purpose. Examples include industrial high-pressure compressors, electric power generation turbines, industrial ultraviolet disinfection equipment and custom machines that perform manufacturing assembly or fastening tasks. GCS has built several specific capabilities to serve clients that produce engineered products. These range from assembly of components from a drawing, to kitting of components, to value-engineered control systems for OEM equipment suppliers, all the way to full contract manufacturing services.
Construction Projects
There are several types of construction projects (both green-field facilities and existing site upgrades) that utilize our expertise in automating process controls.

The first major type is in the construction for Advanced Manufacturing Facility Industries where building environmental controls must be automated to hold tight tolerances in temperature, humidity and cleanliness. These clients range from the research & development facilities for both universities and companies, to the semiconductor manufacturing, solar panel manufacturing, digital x-ray manufacturing and other clean-room operations. GCS’s experience has paralleled the Upstate NY’s growth for these types of facilities and has led to successful projects in deploying systems in facilities monitoring (FMCS) and in toxic gas monitoring (TGMS) systems.

The next major type is in the Water & Wastewater Industries, where GCS has successfully delivered on complete control systems solutions for over 20 years that effectively and efficiently help operate these plants for both municipal and industrial/private owners.

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