Control System Design & Manufacturing

GCS implements custom control systems with our in-house staff offering full-service capabilitities, from engineering design, software & networks and control enclosres to installation & start-up
GCS supplies complete control systems to its clients as a full-service provider. We design system architectures that are appropriate for the application, from simple stand-alone systems to networks of diverse systems communicating either wirelessly or via a network to enterprise-level control systems managing complex processes on a robust fiber backbone. We are platform-agnostic when it comes to PLC or SCADA manufacturers, and we have multiple successful project designs with all the major suppliers so that assures that your project will be expertly designed for your application, balancing costs and performance for your requirements.

GCS has expert staff in the development of software code that will cleanly and efficiently run the process per your requirements. We adhere to the industry’s best practices for code development and testing & debugging, so you can be assured of a high-quality project from GCS. We are among the select few system integrators who have implemented the rigor necessary in all our practice areas to be certified by the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA).

Once we have shown the system to be appropriate for your application in the software world, GCS then makes that system a reality for our clients with our own manufacturing operation. Our UL-listed panel shop has the advantages of building best-practices for panel manufacturing into our procedures and our personnel, the flexibility of customizing panels as appropriate and the overall control to deliver to our client a high-quality, fully-tested product in a timely fashion, following our ISO9001-certified quality methods. Our familiarity with various instruments used in control systems also assures that your system will be cost-competitive and fully integrated and designed for years of flawless service.

GCS excels in getting you up and running by supporting the installation and start-up of the process. Whether we are simply providing technical support for your installation or are running the entire construction installation. GCS is committed to working closely with our clients to best serve your needs and get you online as quickly and smoothly as possible.

GCS offers integration, factory automation and programming services to clients across the U.S. Send us an email message – we would love to discuss your automation needs with you!

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