Latest Thinking

Latest Thinking

GCS is always focused on our markets served while positioning ourselves to serve future needs when the time arises. To successfully accomplish this, we have dedicated ourselves to grow deep connections with two key groups: our Customers and our Employees.

Our Customers

Our value is ultimately determined by how well we serve our customers, so it is in both our and our customer’s best interest that we grow our understanding of what makes our customers successful. What challenges do they face and how we can position them to successfully overcome them? How can our work positively impact their bottom line? What changing business models must we consider so that our collective knowledge can be best leveraged?

GCS works at all three levels of an organization in order to best serve each customer – at the leadership level, at the project management level, and at the get-it-done level. Knowing what is needed at each of these levels can help drive our priorities and investments so that a mutual win-win has the highest likelihood to occur. In order to see this type of work in action, we invite you to review our project Case Studies and see for yourself what success with GCS can look like.

Our Employees

At the end of the day, our most valuable asset is (and always will be!) our employees. We recruit from top engineering and engineering technician schools and we attract experienced talent from within industry as we continue to build our team. We dedicate resources for training on the latest systems so that our customers can receive the benefit of the state of the art in software and hardware. We purposefully create a learning environment where a strong team of colleagues supports each other. We make time for fun and building relationships within our team. We celebrate our successes both big and small as a team and as individuals. We are dedicated to continuously improve our systems, approaches, tools, methods and facilities so that our employees can succeed, can grow and can advance within GCS. Check out the Employees page and view some of our Videos to get a glimpse of our team!

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