Jimena Ibarra

Jimena Ibarra

Jimena Ibarra

Control Systems Engineer

Education: Traviss Technical College

Certifications: Cisco Certified Network Associate, Ignition Certified User, CompTIA IT Operations/Secure Infrastructure Specialist

Applications: Schneider, VTScada, Ignition, Computer Networking

Joined GCS: January 2021

Work History:

  • SCADA Programmer – Curry Controls
  • SCADA Specialist – Polk County BOCC

Awards: 2022 GCS Florida Rising Star, March 2022 GCS Employee of the Month

Hobbies: Travelling, Legos, Fitness, The Outdoors

Food: Chick-fila-a Chicken Nuggets, Culver’s Burgers, Pizza

Hot Takes: Pineapple and pizza are the perfect pairing

Fan of: Kansas City Chiefs, Sci-Fi Movies/TV Shows